Add living Space by enclosing your Porch

Add living Space by enclosing your Porch

If you need additional living space and your home has a porch, you’re in luck! Enclosing that porch could be a simple, cost-effective way to add living space you want.

Be sure an enclosed porch fits with the style of your home.

Be sure an enclosed porch fits with the style of your home.

You can gain space without eliminating the yard and often, a portion of the structural work is already in place. Be sure that it will not detract from the style of your home. Enclosing a porch on some bungalows or Victorians could be a mistake if it destroys much of the home’s sought-after charm.


Side porches can be easily converted into home offices, play rooms, or den/family rooms. Rear porches are ideal for adding space to extend your kitchen. With energy-efficient windows, any porch can be converted into alight-filled  “Florida” room that’s enclosed for year-round enjoyment.

What will it take to add living space?

Talk to your contractor about the work needed. The porch’s location, its wall and floor materials, and the condition of the existing foundation will influence the ease or difficulty of modifying a porch . Your work may include:

  • Insulating walls and ceilings. How much and the type of insulation used depends in part on the existing structure and the room’s function.
  • Adding or replacing windows with energy-efficient models. A professional can determine if window frames can be salvaged to reduce replacement costs. Remember to match or complement your home’s existing window styles.
  • The proximity of the room to existing plumbing will greatly impact the difficulty and cost of installing plumbing.
  • Electrical wiring and fixtures. Build in all immediate and future electrical lines from the outset to avoid costly revisions later.
  • Drywall, flooring, and millwork.
  • Details such as door and window trim, chair railings, and moldings can make the difference between a room that looks finished—or one that simply looks like an enclosed porch.
  • An important consideration is the heating and cooling system. While some homes may have systems that can accommodate additional room,s others may need a supplement. Baseboard heating is an option. However, although it is easy to install, this type of heating is expensive to operate. Consider, also, a wood-burning stove. New models are efficient, attractive, and can heat a large room easily. We can help you decide how best to supply heating and cooling to your new space.

    More space gained by porch enclosure

    Porch enclosure by Venture Builders 2014

The necessary ingredients

If you have a home with a porch and need additional space, you have all the ingredients you need to create a beautiful new room.  What’s keeping you from getting started?

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