Deck options improve outdoor living

Your deck needs a surface and  railing material

Let’s talk decks! Spring is here so let’s get your outdoor living space in shape. There are many ways to build a deck and many different kinds of material that can be used as a finish.  Different kinds of decking materials include pressure treated wood, Timbertech, Trex, and Azek. All these materials provide their own unique benefits ans challenges, so choose carefully to get the effect you are looking for in your project.  You’ll also need  railings. There are several different materials and options for railing. You could use pressure treated wood. Timbertech makes railing out of the same material they make the decking material out of.  Vinyl is also very popular as a railing.

Your deck can use a variety of materials

There are also combinations of some of these materials that you could use.  Some folks choose to combine pressure treated decking with vinyl railing and some folks like Timbertech decking with black aluminum railing.  Each  project has a number of options for material and color. It’s up to you on how you want the final product to look.

Deck provide a great opportunity to be outside

Some nice outdoor living to enjoy


Your deck needs solid construction

So we have briefly talked about  materials. Let’s talk about construction. Is your existing deck large enough? How big do you want to go?  Do you just want to replace your existing decking?  There are many options. In most cases we completely remove the existing deck and start over with an expanded size.

Code requirements

With the changes to the existing building code no deck can be constructed in Harrisonburg City or Rockingham County with a through-the-brick application.  If your house is brick and you want to expand or renovate your deck you will have to add additional piers up against the house and make it a freestanding structure.  This does add some additional work and there are some options besides the freestanding but that is the most cost effective.

You’ll enjoy your outdoor space

So enjoy your outdoor space. Screened porches can also be very nice. Explore your options and put together a plan.