The Smartbath Solution

smartbath solutionWhat is the Smartbath Solution?

With The Smartbath Solution you have  the ability to determine the budget and style  for their bath remodel. At Venture Builders we have developed four bathroom remodel packages to suit a variety of remodel needs. This can drastically simplify the  initial work for you in your bath remodel. When you contact us, we set up a meeting to see your bathroom. At this meeting you tell us what you have in mind.  Based on the ideas you share with us, we know your bath will pretty much fit into one of four categories. We can show you through the Smartbath system the products you likely will want in your bathroom.

The Smartbath Solution makes it  simple and easy for you to select the right package for your bathroom remodel project.

Each package has numerous options, with the costs  detailed , to help you stay on budget. Many of our clients finalize their remodeled bath right then and there, sign the agreement, make deposit payment, and the next day the items can be ordered. It’s just that Smart and Easy! All your selections can be made in the comfort of your own home. And, if  we determine further work needs to be done to finalize your selections, we accompany you on a “shopping trip” to help you make your selections.

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