Our Process

We have a process to efficiently carry out your remodel project

Your call

Our Process is simple, easy, and worry-free. It starts with your call to us to come look at the space. In new construction of course, we look at the land to check for slope and other factors. When we arrive we listen to your wants, needs and dreams. We analyze the space. Through our knowledge and experience, we are then able to design what  you want. We have tailor-made the construction  process so that it is  streamlined, from the estimate to the day of completion.

The contract

After we help you make sure all the selections meet your needs, we sign a contract and collect a deposit (check, bank debit, or credit card).  All this can be done on the first visit.   As soon as the paper work is taken care of we order  the products needed for the project. When all the material has arrived at our suppliers, we are able to set an exact day to begin. Often, we are able to complete a bathroom, for example,  in a two week period. Larger project of course take longer.


Contact us by email or call 540.434.7927 to discuss your options.