Kitchen Remodels

A nice new kithen in an "old" house can be had by doing  kitchen remodels with Venture BuildersKitchen remodels by Venture Builders are outstanding  from design to installation.

Kitchen remodels for us go way back. We started learning about kitchen lay-out as part of a house-framing crew in South Park, Pennsylvania in the late 70’s. We saw how the kitchens in our homes were designed forming a work triangle between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. We have lived in homes built by Venture Builders and seen and perfected design knowledge from first-hand experience. We built and installed cabinets in the early 80’s even before the days of Venture Builders. We know kitchens. We will design and install your new kitchen with the same construction management and attention to detail we have been practicing for years. And you won’t have to do any managing or coordination. We take care of you, your project and your home from start to finish.


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