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Soaking Tub in Your Future Home Comfort Suite.

Posted on May 31, 2017 by Jeremy Blosser  | News

A soaking tub in your future?

A soaking tub may be in your future.  One of the advantages of a full bathroom is that there is actually a bathtub there! It’s a great place to relax and regroup. In recent years homeowners are expending  considerable time and effort to remove  whirlpool tubs and install a soaking tub. Builders installed many whirlpool tubs in new homes in recent decades. These tubs served the demographic well. They provided an excellent way to relax after  work or on the weekend. You could shut the door and get 30 minutes of relaxation.
But more recently many baby boomers and others have discovered the serenity of soaker tubs. These jetless tubs open the possibilities for bathroom ambience and the relaxation that goes along with a soaking tub.

Jetted tub has seen its day

The Old

soaking tub dream a reality

Dream Becomes Reality


Why fewer Jacuzzi tubs these days

Our demographic has changed. Consequently, as baby boomers have aged,  soaking tubs have gained in popularity.  A quiet soak in a slipper tub or other free standing soaking tub has gained appeal. There are no loud pumps and sloshing water with a jetless soaking tub. Therefore there is less to keep track of and maintain,  with no pump maintenance or residual water to worry about. You get to have a  nice soak in a good looking insulated tub that keeps the water temperature even. These tubs don’t have expansive decks like the Jacuzzis of another decade, which created a hazard due to the large step required to get in the tub. For this reason access is improved for baby boomers and others. There is also more open space for the chosen decor of the renovated bathroom.

More Options for bathroom design and comfort

So along with removing “killer” decks which limited access, installing a soaking tub gives the wonderful opportunity of updating tile and fixtures that have weathered the decades not always gracefully. Since color patterns that are desirable change, and style of tile and bath fixtures change, installing a soaking tub is a great opportunity to when an update overall design, hence creating  the home sanctuary homeowners want.