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4 Common Home Remodeling Mistakes

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Posted on January 19, 2018 by Laela Moghaddam  | News

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Remodeling your home can be a stressful ordeal. Steer clear of extra stress by avoiding these

4 Common Home Remodeling Mistakes:

Rushing Into A Project

Any remodeling job, especially new home construction or a full remodel, is a big investment and
should involve careful, meticulous planning. Think long and hard about what your plan is, map
out your vision and consult with professionals. Expect to make changes to your plan over time,
as unforeseen circumstances often affect the ways things fall into place. At Venture Builders, we
typically begin our projects with a conversation with the client before even visiting the property.
The conversation is to determine what they are looking for and to get the full picture of the
scope of work. We want to make sure that both sides are clear on the expectations of the
project before we determine how to move forward. Patience is important, as it is key to planning a remodeling project and is necessary to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Venture Builders is a company that specializes in building new home, this is shot of one of those new homes


Budgeting Too Low

If you are planning a remodeling project, especially something major, carefully plan your budget
and be sure to leave wiggle room! Home Advisor has some great insight into the average cost
of a remodeling or renovation job. A good ballpark estimate is allotting somewhere between
$100 – $200 per square foot, depending on your needs, material and location. Consult with a
professional to get a quote on the work you want completed.
Once you have a rough estimate of your budget, multiply that number by 20%. That final
number will be your budget with a good safety net. Remodeling projects may reveal damage
that you weren’t even aware of, like rot or electrical work that needs to be replaced. Give
yourself peace of mind by budgeting for these issues ahead of time.

Buying Cheap Materials

Once you have put the time and effort into planning a remodeling project, don’t make the
mistake of wasting your money on cheap building materials. Buying cheap materials may seem
like a practical solution if you are working on a tight budget but in the end, you get what you pay
for. The potential damage that can occur to your home from building with cheap materials will
end up costing you more than what you saved in the first place. If you end up with a remodeling
budget that is more than you are comfortable spending, consider holding off until you can spare
the price for quality.


broken window, exemplifying the use of cheap materials, one of the common home remodeling mistakes

Not Hiring Professionals

Trying to save a buck by avoiding hiring professionals will nearly always end up costing you in
the long run. Google and YouTube can make home renovations seem like simple, DIY projects
but many renovations projects can be quite risky or flat out dangerous. Botched home
renovation projects are not only wasteful of your money and resources, they can have
disastrous consequences.Pulling away drywall, flooring and tiles can reveal asbestos and other
harmful materials. DIY plumbing projects can lead to major leaks and water damage and
working with electrical wiring is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. When it comes to
major home renovation or remodeling projects, leave it to the professionals.

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